28 April 2011

An Illustrated guide to British Birds.

Work from my ongoing futuristic British bird project. Here are some new ones!! Made up from pieces of collage i have collected and pieces of print created from rubbish.

25 April 2011

Beach Culture

Here are just a few previews from some of the potential prints that are going to be used in my book seaside Culture. I wanted to create a multi-media type book that combined photography that was over-layered with  screen-printed images to create a unique quality and tactility to one of my final university projects. I wanted to explore the unique cultures of northern seaside towns in their off peak season alongside my friend Louise Bent. I think we got some great images and found some real characters on our week long adventure around the north coasts of the UK; Scarbourough, Blackpool, Whityby etc. Images of the book to come soon!!! Here are some of our photos below...

5 April 2011

I want to be these people.


Printable Press

Some really nice invites from American company Printable Press....what a great idea.


Green Berry Tea

Wow! This makes tea making all the more fun! Beautifully designed and relates nicely to the feeling of drinking Green tea. Design by Green berry tea. Nice colour ways on the packaging also.

"Across the pond" exhibition invite.

 My work for a proposed invite for an exhibition in London. Comprised of work delving into the subject of language and design from 8 design schools across Europe. The evening will be a event of linguistic mingling and discussions as design as a language. The postcards that make up the bulk of the invite book are to be used after the event to send phrases to each other that will then be literally translated into the receivers language to make a new piece of work to go towards a publication, post the exhibition. Amusing phrases are literally translated on the front of the postcards from participating countries for inspiration.

4 April 2011

Martin Parr

I am about to embark on an intense 2 week photography and print project around the subject of beach culture, exploring the relationship between the towns and the 'off peak' and 'peak' seasons with my talented documentary photographer friend Louise Bent. First is our visit to Scarborough tomorrow. The information collected is to be compiled into an experimental layout book.
Thought these images of martin Parr's work on Weymouth were quite relevant.

1 April 2011


Some awesome invite design by taxes based company PTARMARK. Great use of digital letterpress. Wishhh i had the facilities!

24 March 2011

Work for get your foot in the door pamphlet

Just some stuff i'm working on for a pamphlet that is contributing to our Idiom based end of year publication.

Bournemouth Prints

A little series I took into silkscreen. Illustrating the dying tourist scene that is Bournemouth Pier and its surroundings.

22 March 2011

Albin Holmqvist

Some more very lovely work by the talented Mr Holmqvist. Loving his use of Typography. V. clever indeed.

I do like to be beside the Imax

Project based around the death of my hometown Bournemouth. Its seaside view is now scarred by a massive Imax. The original draw to Bournemouth's seaside is now masked by clubbing and university students. What happened to all its charm?

Albin Holmqvist

Just found this now by Art Director Albin Homqvist. Really relates back well to my Vous Parlez English series. Homqvist says of the project:An experiment based around language, if you take folkloric swedish sayings and translate them literally, will all sense be lost? Are there equivalent sayings in other countries?
Those where questions i asked myself when i created my contribution to the "From Sweden with love" exhibition that me and my friend Shahin Haghjou curated. They are also a lot more visual than mine. DAMN. Is making me want to return to the porject and expand on the idea though. Which can only be a good thing.

20 March 2011

Museums Press

Some nice print work by Manchester based studio Museums Press. Jealous of those colour palettes!

17 March 2011

Yellow Owl Workshop

More from my favorite print studio...The Yellow Owl workshop! So cute, their humor and approach to print always leave me wanting more!

I wish you were based in England!!!